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As part of Ewan’s strategy to milk the hospital visit for all it’s worth he persuaded Mandy to take him to the cinema. It’s her turn and Ewan picked Space Chimps 2, a film so dire that I was almost persuaded to go rather than deal with the grumpy Ellen. Still, my turn next time for Toy Story 3. Them’s the breaks.

As it turned out, Ellen wasn’t so grumpy. We took a nice dander in the sunshine along the beach and the promenade, me pushing her pram with cameras and tripod and her pushing her wee buggy with her ‘baby’ in it. God it was slow. Took us the best part of nearly two hours to cover a mile, including a walk around the pier and along the bit of beach there. Came across a few wee bouquets of flowers, still in their supermarket wrappings, by the fence closing off the end of the pier. No indication of what they’re for.

Tonight we’re off to the West Fife Villages ceilidh in the barn of a local farm. Should be a fun night.


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This entry was posted on June 19, 2010 by in The Bank of Me.
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