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Back camping and sick Sunday


We’re up at 5am after Ewan crawls in to our “bedroom” to tell us he’s been sick. Then, in case there was any doubt, he’s sick on our bags and mats just to drive the message home. Luckily there’s a washing machine on site, a blazing sun and a light breeze. But it means a lazy day keeping Ewan off the food and close to a toilet. Unluckily, we forget we’re in a civilised country where Sunday is still a day when shops close or only open in the morning so we leave it too late to get a good supply of bottled water in. But the boulangerie is open for a few hours and sells small bottles. So the day is spent sitting around in the heat, reading and dozing. In the afternoon, after a wee sleep of my own, I took Ellen for a drive so she would cool down and stop playing long enough to sleep because she’s getting delirious, dangerous and quite unpleasantly tired. The Moores returned from their own cool-down drive with wine and cheese so we loved them dearly.


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This entry was posted on July 11, 2010 by in The Bank of Me.
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