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Either by the same artist who produced the statues that Delph Wynd has been [url=http:\/\/\/view.php?id=657612&month=7&year=2010]photographing[\/url] or a very good rip off. I must say I was more impressed by them here, in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, where they seem to blend into the landscape, than I am by the ones in Alloa where they stick out like a sore thumb.\r\n\r\nBeen in Aberfoyle for a day of corporate fun and then back to Edinburgh for dinner and booze on the company credit card. Who said anything about austerity?\r\n\r\nI also have to come clean about my story from yesterday. I took the same liberties with the story as I do with my photos: the basic scene and all the important elements are as they were seen but I’ve sharpened it up, dodged and burned and edited to create what I thought was a more interesting image than really existed. In particular, the last three lines only took place in my head, some weeks after the real event happened. I’ve been reading
quite a bit of [url=http:\/\/\/]Quick Fiction[\/url] – short stories written in 500 words or [s]less[\/s] fewer. It was fun to do. Better than reality and I may do more of it.


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This entry was posted on July 28, 2010 by in The Bank of Me.
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