Whatever that means

The Pine ‘N’ Oak


I’ve only over driven past this place. Probably a common experience which perhaps explains better that the realignment of the road around it, why it’s now closed for business. Actually, that’s not true. I did go into it once: years ago, when Mandy and I did a cycle run round the two bridges – the Forth Road Bridge and the Kincardine Bridge. We went there for a pee and something to drink.

Typical greasy spoon although this one couldn’t even have been popular with lorry drivers, salesmen and white van drivers. That’s usually enough to keep these “diners” open.

Anyway, I expect it to be demolished soon. I’ll need to get my arse out of my bed one morning to catch it in colour in some decent light. Today was harsh sunlight from the wrong direction.

This was done while Ewan was at the Beaver’s sports day and Ellen was snoozing in the car. After we got home, Ewan and Ellen helped me dig some enormous spuds in the garden so it’s baked potato, tomatoes, green beans and courgette for tea. The fish we had to buy.


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This entry was posted on September 26, 2010 by in The Bank of Me.
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