Whatever that means

St Bernard’s Well


Crumbs. Can’t see I’ll be doing much of this monkeying about with film during the week. It means: coming in from work and starting developing and ignoring everyone else for half an hour while the processing is done and the negatives are hanging up somewhere warm and not too dusty to dry. Before scanning and monkeying about. At least the drying gave me some time to bugger about trying to get a BT Vision box to work. Well, nearly work.

Still, here we are. St Bernard’s Well. Trying to get a less ominous, more Tim Rudman look but actually there’s still too much detail here. Maybe it just can’t be done.

Camera: Zeiss Ikon: f5.6 @ 1\/50s on FP4 @ ISO 100
Developed: Monochrome Prescycol
Scanned @ 1200dpi
Processed in Aperture 3, Nik Silver Efex Pro, Nik Sharpener Pro


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This entry was posted on September 28, 2010 by in The Bank of Me.
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