Whatever that means

Early morning chimneys


I need to remember that getting off the train at Haymarket leaves me walking into the sun, unable to see what it’s doing behind me as it comes up over the top of Arthur’s Seat. I could see the haar as I was crossing the river and it was still there, sitting on top of the Forth, blocking the view of Mossmorran. The sun on the rooftops was nice though.

Having mentioned the possibility of getting my unsold film cameras back from Ffordes, what should happen yesterday but I get home to find a plump wee cheque from Ffordes for the sale of my Rollei. Nice, and it opens up some possibilities but taking it to the bank gave me the slightly surreal experience of the most aggressively helpful bank staff. It’s like a clock starts running when you enter the bank and the job of the staff, particularly the managers who are walking the floor, is to get you out as quickly as possible. It’s odd, because they’re trying to be helpful but their urgency makes them pushy – use the express pay-in – leaving customers saying they’d rather stand in line. It leads to the staff pissing off customers by taking people from the back of the queue (perhaps because they’ll be waiting longest) and serving them first. And then there’s the creepy friendliness and over-familiarity. Trying to make friends while they pay in your cheque. Bleurgh. Quit it.

Still, off to check out Calumet.


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This entry was posted on September 30, 2010 by in The Bank of Me.
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