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More beach


A bit of a late start and a lazy breakfast before Clodagh and Malachy headed back to Dublin. Once we’d got ourselves ready, we headed down to the beach. Although it was bright and sunny, there was a fair wee wind blowing that meant that the French family were in wooly hats while the Scottish weans (well, Ellen at least) were down to their pants playing in the sand. Ewan was very proud of his sandcastles. So much so that he wouldn’t let me kick them over when we were leaving. He thinks they might still be there when he gets back.

After lunch and the beach, and after having had words with the naughty children and confiscated Ewan’s hard-won bubblegum for hitting Ellen (although she hit him first), we headed out for a wee drive to Wicklow. Trouble was that Wicklow was just too close – Ewan had fallen asleep almost as soon as we started moving and Ellen was on the brink of sleep just as we reached Wicklow so we kept on driving for a while before stopping in a makeshift layby and everyone had a wee snooze.

Finished the day at Mount Usher Gardens. Very nice ornamental garden with woodland walks, a strange pet cemetary, a river, lots of flowers and a cafe with the most enormous scones and gooey chocolate cake.


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