Whatever that means

Twilit boat


Even though it was a nice sunny day, most of it was spent indoors doing important stuff like getting my photos up to date, putting away the holiday stuff, doing some shopping to fill the empty fridge and other stuff.

Some excitement though – got a nice print back from the local framer. Not one of mine – a screenprint that Idlewild got produced for their swansong 100 Broken Windows tour. You can see it here if you like that sort of thing. And cheap, for limited edition prints. Anyway, the framer did a grand job of it and it now hangs on the wall.

Less pleasant excitement was losing Ellen. She just wandered out of the garden while I was in the kitchen. She was looking for Ewan, wanting to play on the beach where he’d gone with his pals. I suspected she’d gone looking for him. Trouble is I couldn’t find him on the beach and Ellen couldn’t find the beach. After a bit of a stomach turning walk along to the harbour and a walk up in the direction of the park, I found her sitting on a grit bin being chatted to and kept still by a sweet wee P5 girl whose brother was also off looking for Ewan. Maybe it’s just inattention with a new-found confidence in her from letting her run free in a gated holiday development with only us in it. But Jesus.

Anyway, quick dash along to the other harbour to get a photo. The moon was big and bright but I couldn’t have big moon and boat. I nearly didn’t do the boat. I’m in the huff. She’s been giving her favours to another man. I’ve suspected as much for a while now but it still hurts. Just because I was on holiday.


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This entry was posted on April 17, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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