Whatever that means

Rose Street


A very quiet day that became very busy. Helped the pensh with his boat. met some old colleagues for drinks, met some blippers for some more drinks. Home drunk. Might provide some details. tomorrow.

One sleep later
Aye, where was I. There was pensioner and his boat. Like all simple jobs it took longer than expected from being not as a simple as at first thought and partly because help arrived in the form of someone who knew what they were doing. That always adds time as they painstakingly demonstrate their better knowledge even if that means doing it wrong.

Off to Au Bar for a quick pint and then La Piazza – a fairly standard Italian whose key redeeming feature was its proximity to office and pub. Then on to the Cask and Barrel to catch up with Andmoff and some secret blippers. From what I can remember there was Shearer69, Babaodo, Matt (whose journal I can’t track down), Jenny (who was at another table with mates).

Caught the last train to Dunfermline but that was much less entertaining than usual although it must have been menacing enough that no one bothered with tickets or fares. Got home having promised Mandy toast, having denied her chips in Inverkeithing. She had one bite of the toast and promptly fell asleep.

Not sure about this just-firing-a-camera-up-the-street photography. I quite like that apart from laughing boy at the right, everyone is oblivious. I’ll maybe stick with it for a while (on school days at least) and see what happens.


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This entry was posted on April 22, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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