Whatever that means

A tourist


Only one of three days of working this week but cut short by a phone call from Mandy announcing that the recent dishwasher/washing machine troubles were continuing only this time at mains pressure with water hosing all over the back kitchen. Luckily this room isn’t fully connected to the rest of the house – it’s an odd sort of lean-to shed built onto the back of the house which at least means that the water doesn’t flow all over the house but disappears down a hole where the two structures connect.

Anyway, the inlet pipe for the dishwasher had exploded. Literally. I think with all the recent pulling out and pushing in part of the hose had detached inside leaving only a thin piece of concertinaed plastic holding in all the water. Poor Mandy needed a helpful neighbour to turn off the water and both got soaked. Easily fixed with a trip to Homebase. Plus I got home early. So not all bad.

The tourists were out in force at lunchtime.


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This entry was posted on April 26, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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