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Scott Monument


It’s not often that I’ll let work get in the way of lunch and, if I’m honest, it wasn’t so much that I was busy than that I was having a good time, cracking a wee problem that I’ve been having making maps so that instead of using three highlighters to colour in a map, I could get my computer to take data and map it across the whole of Scotland at the touch of a button. Well, I say the touch of a button but actually it’s the biggest pain in the arse piece of software I’ve had the misfortune to touch. But I bent it to my will today and had every datazone in Scotland colour coded and mapped, with Council boundaries and all overlaid on a nice 1:25,000 OS map. Believe me, you don’t get much more fun than that in research. But it did mean that I missed lunch in the park, which was a shame.

In other news, there was no other news. Just more tenders to look at. And I had the joy of doing the nursery drop off and pick up, which is always a pleasure. At least I get to listen to PM and then 6 Music when that gets boring. So there was only time for a quick jaunt to Market Street while shifting parking spaces to grab a quick view of the monument. This is more of a Where’s Wally, although Silver Efex is capable of some very subtle manipulation. It’s like being in a darkroom but more comfy, with more control and much less waste.


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This entry was posted on June 1, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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