Whatever that means

City Chambers (again)


I used to know, when I worked there, how many floors there were from the street level at the back, on Cockburn Street, up to street level at the front, on the High Street. Now, I have to work it out from the residual memory that from clocking in on the High Street I had to go down two flights to get a cup of tea and sausage roll. And the canteen was on the fourth floor.

Anyway, that was back in the days when I cycled to work from home in Leith via the Maybury roundabout, making a 10 mile trip out of it and I could afford a sausage roll in the morning. Not any more. Why am I rambling about this? Because nothing else happened. I finished my report and gave it to a colleague in the hope that they’ll pull it apart, if there’s apart to be pulled, which there probably is. At least a hole to be poked.

Oh, and I finally got the new strap for my Billingham from the man I asked to make it in December. Six months and three attempts and it’s ready. Very nice it looks too. Thankfully I was in no hurry.

This is Alexander and Bucephalus in the courtyard of the City Chambers. I have no idea why it’s there except to give the Lord Provost’s Jag something to drive around. I found a nice photo of it on Flickr too. Not as good, obviously, but then Zack hasn’t used a green filter to separate the statue from the stonework behind, to which it is very close in tonality.


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