Whatever that means

Long time, no sea


See what I did there?

Having forsaken the boat yesterday in favour of the Chinese meal of some flouncy, wavy flowers, it was back to wholemeal photography (if that’s not too many mixed metaphors for one sentence) and the boat this morning to catch the early morning glimpses of sun on its beam. It’s a fascinating shape that changes with every angle on it and, of course, the neglect and the bare wood, the overlapping boards and the extra runners and patches create an infinite variety of textures and shapes. And of course, as Ansel Adams used to say with regard to the issue of content, the reductive quality of the negative space brings within the realm of discourse the essentially transitional quality. Aye.

More excitement! There’s a new derelict boat newly arrived beside this one. Looks like someone might have plans to do it up. You’ll be seeing that soon.

Off to the last of the Stills landscape lessons and the promise of pissing rain. We’ve sent Ewan to school with his magic trick to audition for some talent show – he’s going to cut his sister in half. Let’s hope he makes it. I could use a video of that.


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This entry was posted on June 10, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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