Whatever that means



A fine Civil Service word used to express satisfaction but without it boiling over into any form of enthusiasm. As in ‘the Minister is content with your proposal to squeeze the poor until their ribs break’. Or as one civil servant once said to me: not disgruntled but not entirely gruntled. That’s about the pitch to which excitement soared on final confirmation of a big job that’s taken what seems like an age to get to the stage of a contract. Good, stabilising, reassuring without being inappropriately air-punchingly jubilant. If nothing else it adds four years to a thirteen year stretch. And no time off for good behaviour.

Other than that it was a day spent up to the elbows in numbers, interspersed with:
* frustrating encounters with a colour printer that refused most requests but in particular, double sidedness
* art at the Union Gallery to see Mr Bremner’s pictures in the flesh. If only I could afford more than a wee square Koi Carp (not his, and I can’t really afford that). But they’re very impressive in real life
* fine coffee – in the good company of Stewart, Just Sitting and EcoDad at Artisan Roast and an interesting discussion of the discussion of art
* produce – courtesy of the aforementioned Dad
* more coffee and a photo – courtesy of Davie of my regular coffee haunt Circus Café.

That’s enough for one day.

Davie’s not a regular staffer at the coffee shop and it was fortuitous that I went late today because it was empty and Davie could be dragged out from behind the counter. Turns out he’s a photographer himself although he couldn’t get me today – wrong lens. Next time, honest.


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This entry was posted on June 15, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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