Whatever that means

Sunken treasure


Well, I figured if she’s going to put it about with other guys then it’s OK for me to be hanging about with other boats. This one’s a bit inaccessible what with being full of holes, resting on the bottom of the harbour and only available at low tide. But that’s part of the attraction – the unattainability.

In other news I got my first Blurb book today and I’m totally sold on the idea of developing a series of related photos or editing photos into a theme and down to a small number that you can ‘show’. The idea came from Keith who ran the Stills course. Essentially, you can carry on taking photos but until you’ve organised them for some sort of display it’s a job half done. You can have a look here if you like. It’s the best of my photos from the course. I don’t think the books are terrific value.

And finally, met JS for a visit to the August Sander exhibition. Quite underwhelmed but I’ll elaborate on that later. We’re off out to see Ewan do a magic act at the local talent show.

Right, talent show photos done. August Sander. I just didn’t think many of the photos were that good. Technically I mean. Some of them were superb – pin sharp, detailed, deep rich blacks and a luminosity to them that was quite beautiful. There’s a clear difference between the first room, where many of the prints are Sander’s own signed and dated prints, properly mounted and the others where the print was just stuck to a bit of paper in the frame. Loads of them just weren’t focused properly. I mean, I know focus isn’t the most important thing in some genres but portraiture, I don’t know, call me old fashioned but I think people’s faces should be in focus. And they weren’t. And yet he was plainly capable of doing it.


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