Whatever that means

A bit of what she had


Twice in the night. Not vomiting but major disruption in the belly region. I’m blaming Ellen and her child’s afflictions. You know how they are with their cross-contamination and general lack of resistance. So what with being knackered and reluctant to stray too far from facilities I parked myself on the sofa for the day to work. I’m only writing stuff out of my head so it can be done anywhere and the sofa seemed the safest place under the circumstances. It turned out alright. Much gurgling but nothing dramatic and a steady intake of tea seemed to work wonders as a curative and a lot was written in peace, with Mandy first at the gym and then out to see a client. Although more importantly no Ellen at home.

After work was shut down for the day I took a wee drive along to Dalgety Bay to scour the sailing club hoping that their harbour was as much of a mess as ours. Not at all. Pristine. Not a single decaying wreck to be seen. But there was a nice wee tender on the slipway. You have to wonder about these sailors that they need it written down.

Changed the photo. Same thing, different angle, although this one might need to be [url=large]big[\/url].


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This entry was posted on June 27, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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