Whatever that means

North Berwick


If I paid someone to give me a sore bottom the likelihood is that it would be illegal but hurting your own bottom is considered positive and healthy. What’s that about? As I suspected, the trip out to North Berwick was very pleasant and having been on similar jaunts in the past I knew that when the wee gizmo said 12 miles and I felt good that it would cross my mind to abandon my plan to get the train back and cycle back with the tough boys instead. I said as much to Joe and asked him to talk me out of it when I decided to cycle back. He didn’t. In fact he encouraged me and so it’s his fault.

But actually, I’m glad I did it and I’m feeling pretty smug about it. I only started back on my bike three weeks ago and hadn’t expected to cover that kind of distance so soon. Once I have a wee snack, a snooze, and get rid of the dehydration headache (I lost 2kg since this morning – all water) and take some nurofen for the sore legs, I’m sure I’ll be glad of it. Thanks to Scobes, Francis (not of this parish), Joe and JustSitting for the chat, company and fine turn of speed. I really should give special thanks to Joe and JustSitting for letting me sit behind them and shelter from the wind (when I could keep up).


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This entry was posted on August 21, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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