Whatever that means

Number trees


Not sure what these are. There’s six of them, close by, numbered but from the wear and growth on the numbers they’ve obviously been around for some time. Maybe a very, very small orienteering course. You can just see the tail end of an arrow on the six tree pointing at the five and a big arrow on the five tree pointing, err, maybe at the four. Didn’t check.

In other news, I joined up with TFP for the cycle to work and after a bit of a bungled meeting at the ends of two different footpaths leading to the M90, we had a very pleasant trundle into Edinburgh. Much better with a bit of company. Lazily caught the train back to Inverkeithing but I was knackered. Working from home tomorrow so a bit of lazing on the cycling front.

The cycling game

If we follow the game principles that I linked to yesterday, the first element in the game of cycling is the appointment dynamic – the need to do something at particular time. In Blip, it’s the need to take
and upload a photo every day. Any photo. There’s no requirement for it to be any type of photo. It doesn’t need to be a good one. It just needs to be done every day. So with the bike: we shall cycle every day. It could be 100 miles or it could be a quick dash to the shops. It doesn’t matter. Each day the arse shall be placed on the bike. The details will look after themselves.


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