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Not being a football fan, I don’t really know whether Fred Macaulays’ sports related banter is any good. I’ve heard his Radio Scotland show and found it generally smirk-worthy and assumed it wasn’t intended to be laugh-out-loud funny. Stand-up is a different matter. It’s supposed to be so funny that you are at risk of peeing yourself. People in the front row should be terrified. I’ve seen stand-up and Mr Macaulay, you’re no stand-up.

The other guy was good through – the one that was a cross between Chic Murray, IM Jolly and Emo Philips. He was very funny. We won’t even mention the first guy. Mandy was still up when I got back so it was chat and a wee nightcap until 2, which was OK since I don’t need to get up for work until 8.

After work it was a wee bike run along to the next village, Cairneyhill, to pick up some cash for Mandy. It’s her turn out with girlie wives. Took the single speed and it was surprisingly OK. The Charlestown hill was a bit of a push but otherwise it was just steady pedalling to keep the speed up. It’s a nice bike for when you want to do some hard work without going very far and I was pretty impressed that its wee skinny tyres could take the strain. Met Postie on the road and had a wee chat.

Last week TFP told me about a wee path in Inverkeithing that led to some new boats. Took a walk down there although it would be wrong to intrude on another man’s boats. The paper factory down there shut in 2003 and has been through various stages of decommissioning, demolition and vandalism, including fires. It’s quite easy to get into it off TFP’s path and it’s interesting to wander around.


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This entry was posted on August 26, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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