Whatever that means

What doesn’t kill us …


… makes us pedal really fast in a low gear to keep some forward momentum. Except for the times when you have to stop completely because it’s just too blowy. But really it wasn’t that bad. I went out with the idea that if it was too crazy I could cycle to Waverley, get the train and pick up the car tomorrow. Or if I got going I could still decide at Haymarket. But it was OK, although that was probably because I was cycling directly into the wind. If it had been gusting from the side it would have been altogether more interesting. Still, it was sensible to bail out of work early before the wind got just too wild for pedalling. I was more worried about falling over onto the camera that was in my pannier since, if I fall over, I always seem to fall to the left.

Went out at lunchtime looking for some wind photos. A fair bit of umbrella wrangling but I was too far away to get it with the 35mm lens so I just stood on a corner taking photos as people passed by. The junction of Castle Street and Rose Street was particularly windy. Some great expressions as people get caught in the gusts.


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This entry was posted on September 12, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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