Whatever that means

Chop, twiddle and moan


It just rained. Pretty much all day although I decided that it was light enough that while you wouldn’t want power tools sitting out, it was OK to bring them out, use them and put them back in the garage. So I spent the afternoon cutting wood and finishing the roof of my bike shed. I still need to get some felt for the roof and some sort of wood for the sides. but I might just put a gutter along the front and leave it open I’ll fix a ground anchor to the garage wall to chain the bikes to. I can always put on a front on it later.

I’ve also fitted the lights on my bike so that’ll be winter then. The back one’s stupidly bright and backed up by a smaller flashy one. I’m not so sure about the front. It’s an old halogen double lamp thing. It used to be bright but I’m not so sure of the battery after sitting unused for a couple of years now. It’s been charging all day so I’ll maybe put it on and see how long it lasts.

After a day of shit weather what you really need is to spend tea time exhorting weans to eat their dinner. They’re both knackered so it doesn’t do much good but it did take them so long to finish their tea that it was straight up to bed. But not before I’d used them for a photo. Ellen’s trying to stop me but I’ve got her hands pinned to the table. Ewan’s just toiling his way through his dinner. Usually a favourite but just a chore tonight.


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This entry was posted on September 16, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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