Whatever that means

Anything on?


Please excuse this interruption to our service. In the meantime, some music.

Aye, Saturday in Pennywell. Soon there won’t be anything left to photograph but just as Ewan and I were heading out of the school I spotted this little TV sitting in the middle of what was the parking area in front of a block of flats. Perfect.

I’d taken my bike on the car so after we’d met up with Mandy and Ellen after Ellen’s swimming, I set off for a wee run. I’d only really planned to add a few miles to the 15 that would get me home. 35 miles later I got home, a little knackered. A tactical blunder meant that I’d headed out east to Musselburgh and now had to get back into a stinky little headwind and all the weather. Still, stopped off at Ronde for a coffee and to top up my regular points.

Got home to an empty and locked up house and me with no keys. Doh! Nothing else for it than to head to the Ship and have a pint while I waited. Well, I’d used up nearly 3,000 calories (that’s 1,000 more than the 50 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh). I needed to get some back. Home again and still no one home but at least the sun had come out so I dragged a couple of chairs together and had a wee sleep. And when I woke, still no one home. And then I remembered that the store with the cider is unlocked. That’s alright then. I can wait all day.


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This entry was posted on September 17, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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