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Marginal growth


I was reminded of a post of DrCraig’s a few days ago as I sat for nearly four hours considering the grasses, weeds and broader countryside bordering the road leading up to the Forth Road Bridge. Well, the time when I wasn’t sleeping or playing with a synthesiser on my iPad. It was a long sit and I’m glad I’d managed to avoid driving duty, although if I had been driving and paying more attention I’d maybe have noticed the queue just after the last exit that would have allowed us to jump off the road and drive through Dalmeny and South Queensferry to the roundabout just before the bridge, skipping most of the queue.

That left many chores undone and left just enough time to nip home, grab our bag and take the weans to the dropping off point before driving away, leaving them on their sleepover so that we could bugger off to Glasgow and have ours. A wee hotel, great Indian food and a few drinks. Still, we’re old enough to get to
bed just after midnight because we’re tired enough to value the chance of a long lie.


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This entry was posted on October 8, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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