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For a combination of reasons, which links back to a general torpor and laziness we didn’t leave the house until after 1pm but didn’t get back until after dark and in between was taken up by frankly dull errands – Costco, a mobile phone shop, a purveyor of Nintendo DS games and a shop that vends bicycle accessories. No photography was undertaken.

However, Costco yielded interesting little toys, as it often does. This time in shape of little super-bright torches – 75 lumens from a single LED – and Ellen and Anthony were so taken with them and so intent on shining them in each other’s faces that they had to be taken outside to make light drawings. Well, scribbles. I’ve never done this before so there was much trial and error. There may well be more trial and error before there’s anything useful but I certainly gained respect for people who’ve made fun pictures with torches. This is Ellen and I sword fencing.

Dinner with the parents and Anthony (and the boy himself) involves much chat and tonight also involved magic tricks. Good ones worth practising.


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This entry was posted on October 15, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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