Whatever that means



Aye, she’s gone all girlie. Came in from nursery, straight up to our bathroom and demanded lipstick. So I slapped some one. I missed the memo about the subtle shade of cheap stuff bought specially for her and caked on some of the proper stuff. Pleased as punch she is. Me too. Not much happened involving cameras.

What else happened? Er, not a lot. Dricycled into work (that’s my combination of driving and cycling. I tried dricled, drycled. Maybe you drycle on a dricycle – a bit like a tricycle only with a car instead of an extra wheel), did some, organised the boss’ leaving do, looked at new bikes (cycle to work scheme, 40% off, it would be mad not to), did some more, drycled back in the rain.

Note to self: when you’ve cycled for two hours on full beam, the headlight needs recharged. It conked on the way to work (although not until the West End when I was nearly there).


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This entry was posted on October 20, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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