Whatever that means



Let’s put it this way, I was very glad I’d chosen the tourer with its choice of 27 gears rather than the bike with the choice of 1. That’s how windy in your face it was on the way home.

Between the day being bookended in darkness and lunchtime taken up with eating curry and chatting there was one photo taken today. On reflection it looks more odd in its context of a street of offices and with its wee lamp above the door and odd half-magical, half-astronimical and half-too-stupid-to-describe carvings on the wall. But its odd enough on its own. And vaguely sinister, although that’s maybe just because it’s the masons. There’s some very curious scratching on the walls either side of the door.


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This entry was posted on November 24, 2011 by in The Bank of Me.
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