Whatever that means

The Original Trendy


No, not this place. This is Pilrig House in Pilrig Park where we had lunch with Clodagh and Malachy who’re over from Dublin for a few days. Pretty little building with a wee bit of history.

No, the Original Trendy is the bike I picked up on the way home. It’s a Dutch bike (from the Netherlands, not just in style) which, as far as I can tell from some of the components it seems to be from the 1970s (and the name Original Trendy would seem to date anything from the 1970s). Weighs a ton and needs a bit of love. But it has a seven speed hub gear and hub brakes so maintenance free (once I’ve rebuilt it). The three seconds in which I cycled it before the rear inner tube exploded were very upright and pleasant. A wee project to play with in the garage. When it’s all spiffy I’ll maybe get dressed up in a bit of tweed and cycle around town tutting at people who wear bicycle-specific clothing, especially Lycra. First job is to stick a
Brooks B17 on it and treble its value.

edit – I’ve now established that since the serial number is seven digits, it’s no older than 1981. The barcode should maybe also have been a clue.


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This entry was posted on March 17, 2012 by in The Bank of Me.
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