Whatever that means

Up a hill


Although it was a rather crappy start, tidying up and hoovering all the little bits of shredded paper that Ellen had scattered all the over the house, it got better. But first, I ask you, what kind of idiot nursery thinks that it’s a good idea to have kids playing with shredded paper – stuffing it into their clothes and hair – and then sending them home? If they’d at least warned me that the hood of her cardigan was full of paper I could have emptied it outside. No, in the sitting room and then all over our bed, from all of her clothes, as I got her into her jammies.

Anyhoo. That was yesterday. Today was rather glorious once the cleaning was done. First the farm shop for veg (Ewan’s making vegetable soup for lunch tomorrow. Can’t wait) and then on to Andy’s to head out for a misty wander. Fine views from the crags above the reservoir, apart from some bloke who kept getting in the way.

M’s home tonight. Ewan’s waiting up and taking all my turns on Draw Something (apart from the game with TFP – that’s a long game of bitter rivalry that I’m not letting him ruin).


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This entry was posted on March 24, 2012 by in The Bank of Me.
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