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On balance, I don’t really mind if people cycle on the pavement. hurtling along at 20mph forcing pensioners and pram-pushing mothers to dive for safety is not on but pottering along is probably fine. Depends. I’ve checked the stats and in Scotland there are precisely zero pedestrians killed by pavement cyclists in Scotland. I checked the figures for Ghent too (because my brother lives in Belgium and I know Ghent is a perpetual ballet of cyclist and pedestrian weaving and non-colliding) and there are also precisely no deaths as a result of pedestrian and cyclist collisions.

All of which means that some uptight, nimby New Town arse has gone to the trouble of making two stencils and buying two colours of spray paint so that they could vandalise the street to make a point about something that poses no danger and might at worst be a mild annoyance.

I’ve convinced myself that I once read a quote by Dr Jonathan Miller where he describes Edinburgh as “a prissy tight-arsed city with an ugly soul”. I can’t find any reference to it online so maybe he didn’t say it. I’m bagsying it.


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This entry was posted on July 5, 2012 by in The Bank of Me.
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