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It’s surprising how the cold dry and bacteria-hostile environment of a fridge becomes a warm humid and friendly place once the compressor has stopped working and a week has passed. So, the day that was supposed to be chilling out with a little bit of washing etc became a day of cleaning, disinfecting and bagging topped off with soaking up the strange mix of melted ice, blood bits of food that collect at the bottom of the fridges and freezers. Lovely. And then I had to track down what had caused the power to go off. Turns out to have been the dishwasher although the cause is unclear. It’s not even clear where to look but something is shorting.

Anyway, by the time all that and the other stuff had been done, there was no time or inclination to track down an interesting photo so here’s an Ulster Bank tenner. It pretty much sums up Northern Ireland. Different, still obviously separated and a little like something from an earlier era. Bypassed by progress, which is both good and bad. Nice, reminiscent of rural France in many ways but like many French market towns, quaintly neglected.


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This entry was posted on July 15, 2012 by in The Bank of Me.
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