Whatever that means

Another soaking


It was unexpectedly pleasant in the morning, although heavy grey clouds were hanging over me all the way from home to Barnton and then threatening to dump on top of me on the even more extended run from Barnton to the office. How extended I’m not sure since it took my doofer from Barnton to the front at Silverknowes to pick up a GPS signal. I’m blaming the clouds and that I didn’t turn it on earlier so it was trying to lock on to the satellites while I was moving.

It turns out that it’s not at all inconvenient to cycle with a wheel strapped across your back provided you’ve padded the quick release skewer. Hopefully Genesis will either replace the wheel or pay to have it rebuilt now that 7 spokes have broken and I’ve had it trued and retensioned twice.

The main problem with the rain is not expecting it, making it a disappointment if it spoils the sunshine you’d hoped for or inconvenient if you’re unprepared. If you go out expecting to get wet and you make yourself comfortable for it, it doesn’t matter at all. Cycling on wet cobbles is, however, both uncomfortable and a bit nerve-wracking although I couldn’t think of a good reason to test my theory that I didn’t need to be cycling quite as gingerly as I was.


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This entry was posted on July 23, 2012 by in The Bank of Me.
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