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Similar but not the same


To celebrate the lack of rain (and to make up some of the mileage deficit my holiday left me with) I thought I’d cycle all the way in today. Don’t do it very often, being quite lazy and, having previously scunnered myself with the whole cycling all the way from Fife business, I’m wary of doing that again. But by the time I got to Barnton it still wasn’t raining and I wasn’t knackered so I thought I’d add on my unnecessary 4 mile extension and see how that went. That’s how I ended up down in Granton again (only further along the road) taking much the same photo as yesterday only without the clouds. Very calm.

The trouble with big long runs is that there just aren’t enough calories to eat in the day to fuel them without feeling a bit sick. Of course, not eating enough will mean you just run out of steam tomorrow, end up eating junk or just get ill. My wee app tells me that I need to eat another 1000 before bed time. That’ll still leave me with a fat erasing deficit.


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This entry was posted on July 24, 2012 by in The Bank of Me.
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