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Old tech, new tech

Blip 2012 - 12 28

While I was filling cardboard coffee cups with chopped up stale bread, some seeds that had been lying in a cupboard for too long and melted down fat that the butcher had given me, Ewan realised that he could use the same principle of dangling string out of one cup that I was using for the fat cakes, to join two cups and make a telephone for him and Ellen to play with. Suddenly the Moshi Monsters were forgotten and it was cups and string instead.

This was my day at home waiting for deliveries from Amazon and Apple while Mandy took the kids to the cinema. I could go on about it but I won’t. It’s too sad. But I now I have cool (and cold) wee office in the back of the house. I’ll bore you with what it’s for over the course of 2013, assuming I do more than hide and listen to music while fiddling with photos.


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