Whatever that means

The muddiest man in the field

Blip 2013 - 01 06 (1)

I think that means he was trying really hard to overtake a lot of people.

A wee visit from some cycling people who were heading to Bo’ness from Edinburgh via Kincardine Bridge – a long road for a short cut. The were fed manly cheese scones and sent on their way while wee took a more direct and leisurely car run out to Bo’ness to watch some cyclocross. Crazy sport. The riders mainly looked completely trashed and rung out by the end of it but not many of them were as manky as this guy. Good fun and good exercise in trying to take photos of moving objects. Most of them got deleted straight away but enough survived. More here.

Straight on to Glasgow to see the old man, whose got himself a dose of pneumonia (and a bit of pleurisy). Nothing dangerous but he’s in hospital (or is it the infirmary? There’s a song in that) until they’ve sorted him out. Late in bed for the weans so they’ll be a barrel of laughs in the morning when they get dragged out of bed. Not.


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