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Blip 2013 - 01 08

What with Mandy being away in America, I’m carrying the weighty responsibility of getting the weans up and out to school before getting myself to work. At least today it was only taking them across the road to a lovely neighbour who’d make sure they didn’t kill themselves or each other before escorting them to the school. I hadn’t the heart to wake them up at 7 as planned since I’d managed to get myself up and ready without either of them stirring so I left them until half past and still had to drag them out of bed and hassle them through the whole washing, dressing, feeding, flattening and toothbrushing. Violin, recorder, water, lunch money, schoolbag, book, snack, shoes, coat and out. Back to back meetings all day so I grabbed a quick snap as they put on their shoes. Or not in Ellen’s case. If you look closely Ewan’s even got the correct socks on. got the wrong socks on. Thanks Alan.


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This entry was posted on January 8, 2013 by in The Bank of Me.
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