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Wear the fox hat

Blip 2013 - 02 03

More flooring then that poor bike got a good seeing to. Hung around waiting for Ewan to come back from his lazerquest party so we could all go to Ikea. I was short one plank of flooring. One bloody plank. Still, got enough to do the spare bedroom as well so that’ll be three rooms with floor covering and only our bedroom to go. We’ve only been here 10 years after all.

As is the way with Ikea, there’s so many other essentials to be bought when you’re there for the one bloody plank. Like little foxes, a magician rabbit, magazine boxes, tin openers, seat cushions, a wardrobe. Where’s Brucie?

Apparently there’s been some fussing at Ellen’s school over some swearing in the playground. A parent. Tut tut. The kids have been spoken to about swearing although without any practical examples so all that’s happened is there are kids going home asking what are the swear words? Well done guys. Nipped that in the bud.


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This entry was posted on February 3, 2013 by in The Bank of Me.
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