Whatever that means

Soggy cow

Blip 2013 - 04 15 (2)

For a day characterised by pissing rain, I did pretty well to not get soaked on the way in or on the way back, not that I had much to do with it. Nothing of any real interest happened. Work happened and stopped. Wandered at lunchtime but only to Waterstones and even then only to buy over-priced jotters since there were no picture books I fancied and it makes no sense to buy wordy books when Kindle exists.

Some reading and thinking about corporate things. Stephen Covey writes well – hardly any management bollocks or cliché, David Maister is always interesting about services and what makes them different from commodities. Most of his stuff tends towards law and factory-farm consulting so needs some mental rewriting and scaling down to a local scale. Anyway, that’s for the office.

I can’t say I’ve ever had occasion to try to use the Wayback Machine but I was amused by someone’s desire to remove themselves from Blipfoto, seeking reassurance that it would all be deleted. You wish. It’s also amusing to find my old G4 on in Feb 2006. Still works, although there’s almost no software to run on it.

So, the cow car. Advertising for Reg Vardy presumably although I’m not sure what it was doing tucked away at Barnton looking a bit bedraggled from getting rained on all day.

At home, Ewan was in the shower after a very muddy running club and after spending an hour in his dressing gown with the hood up, was looking a bit quiffy. Shocker of the day was his new belt – sized for 10-12 year old with a 27-32 inch waist. Had to add more holes to get about four inches off it.

Blip 2013 - 04 15
Blip 2013 - 04 15 (1)

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