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Brig, bridge and more rubbish bread

Blip 2013 - 04 20

The solution to the problem of how to deal with Ellen’s limited ability to ride a bike and a holiday involving cycling and luggage is a nice tandem – a Circe Helios, a bit like a Brompton with two seats – with Mandy as pilot and Ellen as stoker. But today it was me in charge and Ewan dragging his heels at the back. I’d been expecting to fly home but the dead weight of him and his puny little legs was pretty much 30kg of luggage, especially after I’d filled him with pizza at the Cramond Brig. Fine little bike though and at least on the flat, (and the holiday will be on the flat) you hardly notice that there’s almost a whole bike behind you, especially when the wind’s at your back on the bridge, where I had to pause to get the northern counterpart of yesterday’s view.

After a wee snooze (I was puggled) Ewan set to work making his first loaf of rubbish bread using the instructions I made for him yesterday. It looks like a nice loaf. Very little intervention from me, so those instructions work.



One comment on “Brig, bridge and more rubbish bread

  1. Delphwynd
    April 21, 2013

    That’s giving me the munchies that is. Fine looking loaf.

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