Whatever that means

First year art


Not even first year art. First year amateurs – if you study for credit you get five years to climb to the standard of first year. But you do get a student discount. Seems like a fair deal. Anyway, back to school tonight so a long day getting to work at 7 and home at 10. I realised last night as I sent Ewan up to his bed that I’d not see the bairns until Wednesday. Weird. It’s only for 5 weeks.

But good fun at school. Mainly little ‘warm up’ exercises so that the tutor can gauge just how shittily amateur we are. Last bit was half an hour to draw a three-panel story using objects on the table. The object doesn’t make an appearance until the last, really scrappy panel when he sits down to have a cup of tea watching interference on his telly having failed to fix his satellite dish. But I quite like him. Might try to work him up into something, although I fear he’s worryingly close to a self-portrait.

Caravan 1


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