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Blip 2013 - 04 23

Second night of school. We’re in the first years’ painting studio so we get to marvel at the mess they make. What would their mothers say? But a fine night illustrating idioms picked at random. The challenge being not to be completely literal but to convey enough information that someone could work it out (provided they are familiar with the idea of idiom). Also a slightly odd exercise since they’re English phrases and apart from the few native English speakers, the class contains one Romanian, one Chilean, another German, one Spaniard, one Czech and someone from Falkirk. Still, it’s interesting to see what people make of the sayings and there are some very good artists in this class.

Anyway, here’s tonight’s. See if you can guess what popular phrase or saying they’re supposed to be. Just say what you see, as Jim Bowen used to say.

Blip 2013 - 04 23 (2)
Blip 2013 - 04 23 (1)

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