Whatever that means

Reality distortion

Blip 2013 - 04 24 (1)

If the lens is wide enough it’s hard to tell if it’s a really huge biscuit or just a really distorted photo. If I said she couldn’t finish it you’d guess that this isn’t lens aberration. It’s a huge Bourbon cream, which took quite some getting over. Ewan’s giant Custard Cream was equally impressive.

Otherwise, it was all work blah, lunchtime scribbling and more blah. A bit of a windy cycle home. Dead mouse and it’ll soon be time to head for the sleeper train. Yawn.

Last night we were given two lots of homework so I thought I’d best use lunchtime to do something about the one that was observational drawing. A cup of coffee in the raised Costa at the back of Waterstone’s gives a good vantage point to quickly sketch people wandering around looking at books. Only trouble is they move faster than I can draw. And the coffee’s a bit shit.

Blip 2013 - 04 24


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