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Blip 2013 - 05 06

Being a bank holiday, I slept a little bit but the plan was to head out for a wee bike ride to Aberdour. Google would tell you it’s 7 miles but really it’s 11. I think Google had a route involving more roads but we opted for more paths, being slower with childs than normal so there was a fair bit of wiggling and road crossing involved, not to mention a substantial detour. But it was a pleasant day and there was no hurry so it was fine to just pootle along. And I was dragging Ellen on the tandem so there was no great incentive to work hard.

She does like to pretend to pedal and when she thinks she’s in a race with Ewan she works hard, especially when I lift my feet of the pedals and leave her doing all the work. She gets hilariously angry when I refuse to race Ewan. It’s not fair – I don’t want to humiliate the boy.

You’ve really got to laugh at the bike lanes in Dalgety Bay. It’s sweet that they’ve at least made the effort to make it OK for people to cycle on the pavement by putting their little lines down but they ruin with stuff like this. I suppose there’s enough numpties who’d be flying everywhere without the lines. Of course, being numpties they’ll do that anyway but at least it’s clear where they’re in the wrong.

School was on in spite of the holiday but it was an unsatisfactory affair. Album covers of the musical kind. Couldn’t get into it.


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This entry was posted on May 6, 2013 by in The Bank of Me.
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