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Blip 2013 - 05 15 (3)

After waking with that same achey thing from Monday but with added snot and cough, I decided that yesterday’s work and school combo was probably foolish and that it would be sensible to stay in bed for a bit longer and work at home for the day. At least that way, when you’re feeling crappy you can just snooze although no snoozing was done. Ewan was off too so sat with Netflix and some headphones watching cartoons and eating custard. The pleasures of childhood illness.

Once I was done I managed to get on with my homework for school. We were doing book covers – a choice of Of Mice and Men or Great Expectations. Never read any Dickens and I wanted something simple to practice lino cutting with. I’m mainly regretting the text. I’ll probably do it again and leave the space for proper text rather than trying to cut it. This is the first test print to see where more cutting needs done. Best to do it this way – you can always cut more out but it’s tricky putting it back.

Blip 2013 - 05 15 (4)


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