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Ellen woke up at 7am needing the loo but it was too early. I gave her the pile of books she’d bought, Ewan had his Kindle and I had a warm sleeping bag and comfy pillow. That worked until 8.20am.

Bacon rolls hidden from the wind behind the lavvu (no, not the lavvy and lavvu – a Finnish, half-teepee like structure), which hadn’t blown away in the night. Packed up the stuff and then off to Aviemore to leave the car and search for geocaches all along the Old Logging Road from Aviemore to Glenmore. At the first cache, by the old bridge, we spotted a group of canoeists and there was Mandy with her chums having a wee break on the shore. Quick chat and then back on the trail. It’s fairly constant climbing up to Glenmore so it was good to have the distraction of checking the distance to the cache and little stops to find the cache and have a couple of sweets.

Lunch at the wee cafe and then scooted back down to the car but it was too early to be picking up Mandy. A wander round the shops and then a drive up to Loch Morlich to park up and have a half hour snooze, which would stop me falling asleep on the way home.


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This entry was posted on September 1, 2013 by in The Bank of Me.
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