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WP 2013 - 11 04

Looks like it’s definitely time to move the gloves up to Level 4 and the breeks to Level 3. F-f-f-f-frozen f-f-f-f-fingers f-f-f-for the f-f-f-first f-f-f-few miles, at least until I’d heated up from doing a bit of pedalling.

A fine day at work – new staff, new projects, progress on existing ones and nice big thing on the horizon. Afternoon spent at an ESRC festival of social science event in the dome at New Register House. Lovely building and some interesting analysis of demographics and population ageing. Half-time speculation about independence and just what on earth it would take to shift opinion one way or the other.

Also a nice little brainwave on the way into work that will solve the problem of getting enough height difference between the beer boiler, the mash tun and the collection barrel. Essentially we need to raise the boiler much higher so that the mash tun can sit on the bench and the barrel on the floor. Need a pulley.


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This entry was posted on November 4, 2013 by in The Bank of Me.
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