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Face off


As the year winds down towards Christmas, the traditional influx of jobs and tenders is in full swing making each day a stressful frustration of trying to get on with things and harassing other people to get on with the things you need them to get on with. But it does mean that you get to pop out to the shops to look for presents for the weans and the wee wummin. It’s the next best thing to buying stuff for yourself (and there’s a wee bit of that as well).

These two were getting ready for a scrap as I passed Charlotte Square. What’s best for couriering small to medium-sized parcels around Edinburgh? I fancied hanging around for it – a real David and Goliath match (and if you haven’t read about that in Malcolm’s Gladwell’s new book, get on it).

Home to an empty house so I stayed in the garage attaching my table saw to the dust extractor. There’s more wood to rip down to make more little crates and it would be nice (from everyone’s perspective) if I did it indoors withou t covering everything in a foot of sawdust.


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This entry was posted on December 11, 2013 by in The Bank of Me.
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