Whatever that means

Tankard up


You’re probably sensing a pattern around now. The prevalence of beer and beer-related pictures. Hmm. Me too.

Anyway, being all grown up and everything the folk at work decided that I should have a tankard for my beer. And they kindly wrote TANKARD on it in gold Sharpie, knowing how much I appreciate things that have their intended use written on them because the “designer” was too lazy to actually design it and just in case you’re too thick to realise that a pasta bowl should be used for pasta or that a teapot should contain tea. I can maybe allow tea and coffee jars, although I’d have thought that in most kitchens those things can be discerned by location even if the jars are identical. I can’t be the only person who puts the coffee jar back in the same place every time. So I scraped that off toute de suite. And otherwise it’s a very serviceable tankard with no unnecessary affectations.

To go with that they got me a big bag of malt. 25kg. Enough for about 200 litres (or 350 pints) of beer. Which was lucky because I’ve only got about 13kg left. Best get cracking over the holidays. I’m thinking a Black IPA having very much enjoyed the bottle of Stewart Brewing’s beer.


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This entry was posted on December 23, 2013 by in The Bank of Me.
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