Whatever that means

More spoons


These are Ewan’s. I’d say 95% his own work and all the more impressive since he lacks both the strength and confidence and also the fine control to use a knife or a hooked knife (he’s probably seen the cuts on my fingers too many times) where it would make it easier to carve around the neck or scoop out the bowl. He’s been sawing, rasping, gouging, filing, sanding (80 grit), sanding (100), sanding (120), sanding (240) and sanding (400) at them on and off for a fortnight now. And fretting about gouge marks that he can still see. And I don’t think it would be overstating things to say that it’s changed him a little. There have been plenty of times when he would have been content to stop when he was bored and things were barely acceptable but he’s been impressively particular about these. And it’s been lovely to sit with him in the garage, both of us working at things. He wants them to be perfect and when he sands them tomorrow and oils them, they will be although they’re different and imperfect enough to be clearly hand made. And then he’s going to give them away.


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This entry was posted on April 10, 2014 by in The Bank of Me.
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