Whatever that means



Apparently inflation, as measured by the consumer prices index has fallen to 1.6%. That’s the economic news.\r\n\r\nTFP spotted it first – the big white thing over South Queensferry. \What’s that?\” he said. \”A plane\” I replied, having spotted the long contrail in the sky. \”No, the big white thing\” he says, with an unspoken ‘idiot’ discernible in his tone, though he’s too polite to say it. \”Today’s blip\”, I said.\r\n\r\nAnd so we wound our way through the suburbs of downtown South Queensferry. The big Scottish Cup balloon kinda made sense. Even I recognised the shape of it. I must’ve seen it in a newspaper or something. And I knew that some third rate team had scored a lucky goal to find themselves unexpectedly in an advanced position and having to organise a whip-round to hire a coach. So I knew it was soon. And William Hill would be wanting people to throw money at them, trying to cash in on their interest in people chasing a wee ball around. So I could understand their promo
tional ballooning over Edinburgh because none of the teams are from Edinburgh. But what was the Gossard balloon for? Were they sponsoring the Scottish Cup in some kind of juvenile joke – bra, cup, cups. geddit? No? To be honest Ultimo would make more sense. They’re at least Scottish cups. Anyway, the football cup took off before we got there and was too much of a speck so this is it.\r\n\r\n****\r\nAye, so, thanks for the comments etc. We’ll be back again in another 39. “


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This entry was posted on April 15, 2014 by in The Bank of Me.
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