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I’d clean forgotten that Mandy was bringing the kids into town and leaving them with me so she could head off to some shindig. Not that any shins were actually dug. But I’d forgotten until late last night, which meant a wee bit of a lie in and the train to work.\r\n\r\nWeans turn up at 4pm. Eat the biscuits and the last two office Haribos and sit with their iPhaffs until I’d finished and then we headed off to do a bit of shopping and get some nosh before coming home. There would have been more shopping if it hadn’t been for the rain but in the end it only amounted to a trip to Waterstones, where they stocked up on books and then we skipped across the road to Jamie’s Italian where they hummed and hawed about whether we could, without a reservation, have a table. Like we couldn’t see that the place was completely, and I mean COMPLETELY, empty. Fine, we could have a table but they’d need it back by 7 (it was 5.30). Like we might try to make a night of it – me and two weans. But the food
was good. And Ellen decided to be gormless on the way out.\r\n\r\nHome to try out the new toy – a brad nailer. I have a little shitty electric one that hardly works and where a nailer should just leave a little hole, leaves big dents. This is a sweet thing that uses compressed air, supplied for now by a borrowed compressor. Who’d have expected that to be so exciting. Just need to cut up all that wood from Monday and crack on with the crates (and the skirting, architrave, cladding and anything else that requires discreet nail-based attachment).


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This entry was posted on April 30, 2014 by in The Bank of Me.
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